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Duha and Azkar

This App avaliable on any Anroid device and App Store

:::: IMPORTANT :::: 
  ** Why the Audio Not working**
 Normally audio is downloaded when the app is installed automatically.
** It is very important to have GOOD Wi-Fi or Internet reception for the audios to download fully and
  MUST have enough space on your SD card.
The audio is very large and it doesn't always download without good reception. Also on some device it can take few hours for full audio downloads.
 Please follow the following procedures:
·        You require SD card on you phone with space (Audios saved on SD card)
·         Un-install the app and then > Re-install with GOOD Internet reception or WI-FI (This is very important)
·         Once the app is loaded - wait approx. 10-20 minutesfor the audios to download fully
DO NOT open the app straightaway once the download is completed (Wait approx. 15-20 minutes )
**Please note, sometimes it can takes hours for full audio download**
I had the same problem recently (Audio not downloaded) however I re-loaded again and waited 15 minutes and it worked, I suggest you try this methods.
** Please note**
You cannot manually download the audios, it is programmed to down once you installed the app on your SD card however due to the size of the audio it doesn’t always install without following the above procedure also it is vary depending the device you are using.
** If unsuccessful **
Sorry there is no easy way to install the audios and my only suggestion is:-
  •  I can forward (email) the mp3 audio files (as chapters) and maybe install on you device separately.

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