We need you’re Support, Help and Favor!

Assalamu'alaikum Brothers and sisters in Islam


Our brief introduction

The App ‘Dua & Azkar’ is developed by only two people.


Developer 1

I am a father of three boys from UK (London) and work in a 9-5 office job.

Initially the app contents were collected for my personal use however after getting hand on my first Smart Phone, I took the opportunity to share my contents with you all.

The very first app was published by a paid Non-Muslim developer (Which was very frustrating).


Developer 2

This brother, a student from USA who re-developed the app after seeing my ad on the website. What is more amazing is till this date, we have not seen, mat or spoken to each other. All our communication are via email, Hangouts and WhatsApp.

This is how the journey started by two people Alhamdulillah.


Asking your Support, Help and Favor!

Rabanna aatina fid’Dunya… (…O Lord give us best in this worlds and Hereafter) v.2.201


Brothers and Sisters we are seeking for your support!  We have recently started online trading offering quality products and services.

With high demand and competition, our success rate is very low.

Alhamdulillah with access to huge audience (Via the app) it can opens doors of opportunity for us to share our product and services to you direct. 

We agree this may not be the correct platform however requesting fellow Muslim brothers and Sister is for HELP can’t be wrong either.

YES! We are taking little advantage with our brothers and sisters. Alhamdulillah the Halal way.


This is how you can HELP US (if you decide to help)

  • Visit our e-commerce stores –  Browse and Order (if you like our offers)
  • Join our Mailing List (NO Junk mail will be sent)
  • Join 'Dua & Azkar Community' Facebook Group
  • Share our products and services to Friends and family 


** Brothers and Sisters, Our intention is NOT to pressurise you. You only commit if you like what we are offering and you are 100% Free to opt out or say NO.


Our intention

Only to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT – and improve our financial status so it opens opportunity for us to explore and help any brothers and sisters in need (This can only be done with your support).


Our promise!  To you (In Sha Allah)

  • The app will be free for life
  • 100% Pop-up ad Free for life
  • Be active on Facebook and Website
  • Helping the suffering Ummah across the Globe with your support (Our future plan)


In return

  • First, we ask for your Du’a and support if and when is possible.
  • *Join our Facebook , Like it and share it (Dua & Azkar)
  • Join our mailing list (NO Junk mail will be sent and 100% confidential)
  • If we go astray, please Guide and advise us


* Our Facebook will contain 80% Islamic topic and 20% business related information.


JazakAllah Khairan brothers and Sister in Islam