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NEW update coming before Ramadan


:: Dua & Azkar ::

One of the most authentic app for Muslims available FREE on Android and  App store with Arabic text, pronunciations, translation, audios and references to authenticated each dua’s.
We do not claim these are the only Dua’s available or implements for the occasion stated however we have selected some of the most simple and authentic Dua’s for a lay person to memorise or recited.


:: App improvement, correction & suggestion ::

All type of text have been copied or selected from various website and Hisnul Muslim over period of time therefore it is easy to commit mistake on grammars, spelling etc.
We strived every effort to keep the Arabic text as error less as possible and we request the App users to prioritise the audios then the Arabic text. if you are in any doubt please investigate before blindly follow this App (Duas) or any other Apps.
Please submit any mistakes, suggestion and correction via CONTACT FORM in ‘Contact us’ tab and Inshallh we will consider to correction and improve on next update.