Important! Must read

≡  We DO NOT claim the contents listed on our App ‘Dua & Azkar’ are the only Dua's for the prescribe occasions, there are many other authentic Dua's which also can be implemented.

≡  Most of our collection were gathered from many different website with best of intention and were re-checked and approved by knowledgeable Imams for authenticity. 

≡  All our collection is based on authenticity, simple and something easy to memorise.


≡  NEVER implement any Ibadah without checking it's authenticity or if you have any doubt.

≡  It is your responsibility to re-check the contents and its authenticity.

≡  Never blindly follow this or any other apps.


≡  Next Android update. Est. Date: February/March

≡  Our next project is to update iOS [Apple device] Est. Date: July/August
≡  Currently the iOS app is missing chapters like Hajj & Umrah, Missed Rakah and many Dua's.


≡ We are willing to add multiple languages to the app.
≡ This can only be done if the users provide us with the translation
≡  Use 'translation' request form within the app or link below if you are willing to translate the app.
≡ Any request to developer to add translation will be ignored

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