Dua and Adhkar App

The focus of the Dua and Adhkar app is

All the Duas in this app are from the Quran, well established books (ie. Hisnul Muslim), many being Duas that the vast majority have memorised but don’t implement.

All the chapters were thoughtfully compiled, and we only added features or functions that are needed to ensure ease of use for all age groups and to improve your experience.

People always have a habit of asking for more and more. But we believe as Muslims, we should make our foundations firm before building upon it. For this reason, we have focused on the most powerful Duas and Adhkar that if implemented, will bring success to the individuals life.

We have created this app for those in all stages of life, whether they are new Muslim or a young child. This should be simple enough for them to benefit from this.


There in ‘NO’ known issues with the app contents or audio download.
If you are having any issues, please remove your app data from your device settings that will resolve the issues InShaAllah.

Join Our £1 Charity Challenge

Dua and Adhkar are working hand in hand with Al-Bir. A charity which has committed itself to implement a 100% donations policy.

Our aims are to work together to build a better world for the children, women and elderly where most needed across the globe.

Our projects focuses on enabling people to make a difference whilst earning Sadaqah Jariyah. With hundreds of thousands of active app users, much can be done to make this a reality.

We are challenging all our users to DONATE JUST £1 (or more) towards our Water Wells, Mosques and Educational projects around the world.

Charity Number : SC047070




Our long term most ambitious project is to build an Orphanage with your help. In Sha Allah