step 10



Early morning

» Offer Fajr in Jam'ah at the earliest and make long Du'a facing Qibla until dawn.

Returning to Mina

» Start your journey to Mina (Sunnah after Fajr) on arrival; leave all your belongings in the camp.

1. Jamarāt Al-Aqabah for Stoning

» Proceed for Jamarāt Al-Aqabah (Big) for Stoning and continue reciting Talbiyah.


» Only one stoning today (7 pebbles required).

On reaching Jamarāt Al-Aqabah

» Stop reciting Talbiyah and keep Makkah to your left and Mina to your right, throw each of the seven stones at Jamarāt by reciting


 Allah-hu Akbar

» There is NO DU’A after stoning Jamarāt.


» Jamarāt to be complete by mid-day.

» Old, weak or sick can perform Ram’i a little before sunset or during the night.

2. Slaughtering an animal

» Proceed toward slaughter house to sacrifice an animal.

» You will have various options to slaughtering an animal choose the option best suits you.


» If you are feeling weak or tired, the sacrifice can be performed on the 10, 11 or 12 of Zil-Hijjah.

3. Shaving and Trimming

» Once the sacrifice is completed or confirmed, shave or trim you hair (Shaving is more rewarded).

» You are permissible to wear normal cloths after the slaughtering.

4. Tawaf-i-Ifadah

» Now proceed for Tawaf-i-Ifadah toward Al-Haram (Makkah, 45 min walk) for Tawaf and Sa’y (as explained or performed during Umrah).

» This can also be performed on 10, 11 or 12 Zil-Hijjah.


» Once Tawaf-I-Ifadah is completed return to Mina before sunset.

» Spend time on performing maximum Ibadah throughout the Mina stay.



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