Step 9



Magrib Salāh

» DO NOT offer Magrib in Arafat and prepare for Muzdalifah by reciting Talbiyah, Dhikr on the way.

» You can travel with your group or young and healthy can walk to Muzdalifah (4 ½ miles approx. 4 hours).

Upon arriving Muzdalifah

» Combine Magrib and Esha in ‘Muzdalifah’.

» 3 Magrib, 2 Esha and 3 Witr as Qasr (Shorten) pray with one Adhan.

» Do not offer any additional prayer in between these prayers.

Blessed night

» Spend some part of the night in Ibadah, Dhikr and Azkar and try getting some rest.

» You are required to perform FOUR tasks on the following day.

Collecting Pebbles

» You may collect 49 + 21 pebbles in Muzdalifah for the Jamarāt (Pebbles can also be collected in Mina).



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