Step 8



The Hajj Warning!

» If you miss Arafat you miss Hajj.

Early morning

» Pray Fajr in Jam'ah in the tent and spend some time on Istighfar, Dhikr and Azkar and make long Du'a until the sunrise.

Preparation and travelling to Arafat

» You can travel with your group or young and healthy can walk to Arafat (9 miles approx. 4 hours).

» Continue reciting Talbiyah towards travelling to Arafat.

On arrival in Arafat

» Arriving around Zawal – listen to the Khutb’ah in or around Nimrah Mosque and then perform the Salāh of Zuhr and Asr (combined or separate) both methods are permissible.

Dua for Arafat

» Keep reciting (Du'a below) until the sunset and if possible from or near Jabal Al Rahmah.

» Make sure the following Du'a below is recited at all time while you are in Arafat.

» See Dua 7 on ‘Salah’ for Audio


La ilaha illa allahu wah dahu la shareeka lahu, Lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu, Wa huwa 'ala kullee shay'in qadeer

» Also recite the following Dua.

» See Dua 3 on ‘Rabanna’ for Audio


Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil 'akhirati hasanatan waqina 'adhaban-nar

Between Asr and sunset

» Open your heart and shed tears and make sincere Tawba, Dhikr Istighfar in your own language by raising your hand (Sunnah) facing Qibla.


» It is also permissible to make Dua's from authentic book (Group Dua's not recommended) this day is between you and your Lord, no one knows what’s in your heart better then you!



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