Step 7



Preparations for Hajj

» Get cleaned – take shower, comb hair, cut nails and trim moustache etc.

Leaving a day early

» You may be asked to travel to Mina on the night of 7th Zil-Hijjah to avoid rush (This is permissible).


» You may perform 2 Raka’ā Nafil with Sura Kafirun and Ikhlas (After wearing the Ihrām) and may perform a Nafil Tawaf.


» Pray Fajr and then start your journey to Mina on 8th Zil-Hijjah, keep praying Talbiyah, Dua's and Dhikr etc.

» Young and healthy can walk to Mina (5 miles, approx. 3 hours)

Wearing Ihrām FARD

» Make Niyyah for Hajj (according to the type of Hajj you are performing Ifrad, Qiran or Tamattu).

» Start praying Talbiyah (Perfumes is not permissible)

» Niyyah for Al Hajj “Allah-hummah labba-ye-ka bi-hajjin”

Qasr Salāh in Mina

» Do not combine your Salāh in Mina.

» Pray Zuhr, Asr, Magrib and Esha in Jam'ah in the tent as al-Qasr (Shortened).

» Spend a portion of day and night in Ibadah (Dhikr, Azkar and Istighfar) Make sure to have enough rest for Arafat.



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